It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to serve as the elementary principal in the Sentinel School System. Our school is very fortunate to have an outstanding set of students, a very dedicated staff, and a strong community support base. This fantastic combination makes our school an outstanding place to be. The continued success of our students is the direct result of outstanding support from parents and community patrons. Informed and involved parents are vital components to our students' successes. We hope that this web site and its liks will provide an opportunity to help keep our parents and partons informed. By working as a dedicated team we can accomplish great things for all of our students.

Dress Code

Mrs. Combs

Mrs. Paula Combs
Elementary Principal

Please note that elementary schedules tend to change. Please check with the school or your student before driving long distances.

Elementary School Mission
Preparing a child for life begins at home and school with the care and love that give children a vital sense of self and confidence to start reaching beyond themselves.

Children learn by watching, trying, and failing. How well they succeed depends on the support and encouragement they receive. When that support is strong and caring, learning is a journey of wonder and discovery. The values children adopt are learned in the same way. It is essential that children learn those that will lead to their fulfillment as loving, well-rounded, happy, capable and mature adults of the future generation.

Entrance Requirements

For admission to the Sentinel Public Schools, a student must be a resident of the School District or a legal transfer, must be living with parents or legal custodian, and must be willing to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Board of Education, Administration, and Teachers of the school.

Certain requirements for enrollment into the schools of Oklahoma have been determined by the legislature.  Detailed requirements are recorded in the Oklahoma School Code.  Basic requirements are as follows:

A kindergarten child must have attained the age of five years on or before September 1 to enroll.  Children wishing to enroll after previously enrolling in another school district shall be considered on a case by case basis.

If the enrollment is the first into public school after attaining the legal age for kindergarten and/or first grade, the student must present at the time of enrollment:  a.  Birth Certificate  b.  An Immunization record designating that the child is adequately protect against diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella and polio. c. social security number.

Any student enrolling in the school for the first time must present a proper immunization record and provide the school with the address of the previous school attended and authorize the school to request records from that school.

State law requires for school entry kindergarten and first grade no less than:  5 doses DTaP/DTP (note: 4 doses if 4th dose given on or after 4th birthday); 4 doses Polio (note: 3 doses if 3rd dose  given on or after 4th birthday); 2 doses MMR; 3 doses Hepatitis B; 2 doses Hepatitis A; 1 dose or history of disease Varicella.

Report Cards

Report cards are distributed every nine weeks.  A child is graded against grade level objectives.  Letter grades of A, B, C, D, and F reflect the child’s performance against grade level requirements.  Students may be retained if they do not pass basic skill objectives at their grade level.  If there are any questions about your child’s report card, please contact his/her teacher immediately.

Honor Rolls

At Sentinel Public Schools an Honor Roll is published each nine weeks.  To be eligible for the Superintendent’s Honor Roll, a student must have straight A’s.  To be eligible for the Principal’s Honor Roll, a student must have all A’s and B’s.

Progress Reports

Students will receive progress reports the fifth (5th) week of each nine (9) week period.

School Visitors

Parents are always welcome to visit the school.  If parents wish to have a conference with a teacher, they should contact the office at least one day prior to when they want to meet and schedule a time.  Teachers and students work on a planned schedule and program.  Unnecessary interruptions consume time and hinder the program.  Parents should not interrupt a class without first gaining permission from the office.

For the protection of the students, security of the school, and minimizing disruption of the educational process, it is required that any person coming on the school campus during the school day go directly to the building level office before going to any other part of the school.  They must register at the office and state the reason for their visit.  Visitors will not be allowed to visit classrooms or mingle with students during class or noon breaks without a necessary reason and without receiving special permission from a school administrator.  Students are not allowed to bring other children as visitors to school.

Parents, patrons and visitors do not need to register if attending a special function, program, game, assembly, elementary class party, or if their presence has been requested by a school staff member.

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