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Our Favorite Elementary Links

Ticket to Read


Reflex Math

Renaissance Learning

Study Island


Think Through Math


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Math Time Reading

Duck of Maths


Sheppard Software Math

Snowball Multiplication

Dino Disco Multiplication

Harvest Hootenanny Multiplication

Patty Paints Multiplication

Math Washup Multiplication

Winton Detective Agency (Multiplication)

Saxon Math

Grand Slam Math

Math Games for Kids

Spooky Sequence

Perimeter Game

Count Us In

Math Mayhem

Measure with Jack

Measuring with Old Scales

Pour to Score

Mean Runners

Hickory Dickory Clock

Snapdragon Tell the Time

Stop the Clock 1 (1/2 Hour)

Stop the Clock 2 (1/4 Hour)

Stop the Clock 3 (5 Minutes)

Stop the Clock 4 (Minute)


Eye on Idioms

Read to Me

StoryLine Online

Mighty Book



Sheppard Software Language Arts

Word Works

e-Learning for Kids Reading Books

Acrostic Poems

Poetry Engine





Buy It with the Little Farmer

Counting Coins

Counting Money 2

Counting Money

Practical Money Skills Games

Toon University Coin Values

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Cool Stuff

Academic Skill Builders

Cup Stacking (Keyboarding)

Four Doku

I Know That!

Keyboard Climber

K5 Stars

K 5 Stars Student Login

Knowledge Adventure

Learning Games for Kids

Sesame Street Games

Super Hyper Spider Typer

Photography Compostition


Flame Painter

PBS Kids

San Diego Zoo Kids

Smarty Games

Solid Edge Garage


Computer Skills

Dance Mat Typing

Glencoe Keyboarding


Microsoft Word 2003

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World Globe Sarcophagus Rocket into Space Mind Games

American Museum of Natural History

Fossil Hall Virtual Tours

Liberty's Kids

Museo Galileo

USA Geography Games

World Geography Games

Colonial Williamsburg

Make Your Own Cartouche

Russion Open Air Museum

The Past for Kids
(History Site)

Plimoth Plantation

Bembo's Zoo

Houghton Miffflin Science Education Place

Kids Discovery


Rubik Cube


Sheppard Software Science

Virtual Piano

The Art Zone

Chess Kids

Origami Club

Play Kids Games

Secret Millionaires Club

Memory 2

Memory 3

Memory 4

Memory 5


OK Readiness Check

BEST Survey Form

English in a Flash Trial

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